Cleanscape Grayboxx Software test automation tool kit

Cleanscape Grayboxx is a complete software life-cycle testing toolset developed for software written in C, Fortran, Ada, & Assembly. Grayboxx provides a complete software testing solution that verifies functional and structural performance requirements for mission critical applications. Grayboxx automatically conducts the following test methodologies: Blackbox Testing, Whitebox Testing, Regression Testing, Assertion Testing, and Mutation Testing.

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Cleanscape lint-Plus source code analyzer

Cleanscape lint-Plus is a source-code diagnostic tool that performs advanced pre-compile analysis on "C" code.
    • Automates analysis and documentation of "C" programs
    • Finds problems that standard compilers can't detect
    • Analyzes "C" source files individually or as a group
    • Maps program structure
    • Finds unused functions, subroutines, variables, non-portable code

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