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Cleanscape Grayboxx Software test automation tool kit

Cleanscape Grayboxx is a complete software life-cycle testing toolset developed for software written in C, Fortran, Ada, & Assembly. Grayboxx provides a complete software testing solution that verifies functional and structural performance requirements for mission critical applications. Grayboxx automatically conducts the following test methodologies: Blackbox Testing, Whitebox Testing, Regression Testing, Assertion Testing, and Mutation Testing.

Grayboxx speeds the development process by allowing developers and test engineers to automatically:

  • Generate test cases
  • Conduct coverage analysis with complexity metrics
  • Conduct unit performance testing with no probe insertions
  • Generate test stubs
  • Generate test harnesses
  • Execute tests
  • Prepare modules
  • Verify results

Grayboxx also allows for both full and partial regression testing, allowing the tester to run the same test more than once or to name the test titles to run with a subset of test cases.

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