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SNIP Automatic Source Code Generator

Product Overview



SNIP bridges the gap between design and coding by automatically generating C++ classes from patterns defined by software designers, slashing the time and expense of editting and debugging code.

SNIP is ideal for use in software development environment that use Object Oriented Programming techniques, and that need to establish and automate adherence to local standards and guidelines.


  • Quickly generates C++ classes
  • Establishes control over the code generation process
  • Allows flexibility when defining rules for users or groups
  • Standardizes rules for modeling object behavior
  • Captures entire docing strategy
  • Easy to install, simple to use


Any development environment utilizing Object Oriented Programming techniques. For example:

  • GUI Development
  • Client/Server Applications


Software often needs to follow local standards and guidelines, or is designed to exist in a framework that imposes a set of consistent requirements. Particularly in object-oriented systems, there are often many aspects of objects that can be "templated." Thus, code results will be obtained automatically, expeditiously and more reliably when patterns are applied to the code creation process using SNIP.

  • Increases developer productivity
  • Instantly produces correct code
  • Consistently produces correct code
  • Automatically produces code, eliminating hours and days of hand-coding
  • Removes redundant implementation details
  • Improves the quality of generated source code
  • Reduces the need to debug the generated classes
  • Facilitates reuse of code
  • Pattern variants are easily replicated at the object level, not the source code level.


  • Digital/UNIX 3.2+ on the DEC Alpha
  • HP/UX 9.0+ on the HP 9000 /700 and /800
  • SunOS 5.3+ / Solaris 2.3+
  • SunOS 4.1.X / Solaris 1.X
  • MS-Windows 3.1 or NT/95

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