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Software development powerfully simplified



  • Enhances a development organization's ability to rapidly develop and modify software applications
  • Automatically generates thousands of lines of commercial-grade code in seconds
  • Reduces coding phase by up to 60%
  • Significantly reduces the debugging phase and virtually eliminates the manual coding of redundant tasks


  • Increases product quality by reducing programming errors
  • Creates consistency across versions and platforms
  • Quality and productivity increase proportionally to the amount of code that is produced from each model and template


  • Increases management effectiveness by providing a process by which development teams can define, develop, produce, control, and quickly modify development strategies and tactics
  • Eases cross-platform development by bridging the gap between design and coding
  • Allows flexibility to define how objects fit into local frameworks


  • Reduces development costs by increasing efficiency and speeding development
  • Allows test, coding, and debugging resources to be allocated to other tasks


  • Improves practices by facilitating standardization and automation of current processes
  • Reduces problems introduced by manual coding by more than 70%
  • Automatically updates all generated code when model or template is modified
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