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Frequently asked questions about static source code analysis
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Why should I choose Cleanscape's lint tools?

The Cleanscape answer:

A failure to meet growing user demands for high performing, mission critical applications at reasonable prices threaten the viability of the software development organization. Cleanscape lint tools help you to automatically identify problems at their source, allowing you to develop and deliver a higher quality product faster and cheaper.

Here's how some customers answer the question:

Cleanscape's lint tools are "much better than anything else available" according to Reg Clemens, Ph.D. in Physics, Phillips Lab. "In addition, the ability to selectively turn off individual error messages makes it possible to reduce the output incrementally once you are sure that certain types of warnings can be ignored. I would recommend Cleanscape's lint tools to anyone involved with large codes, be they their own or something that they have inherited and now need to understand and debug/modify."

"Cleanscape's lint tool is very effective in catching mistakes that creep in during the coding process, or oversights that could come back to bite you later on and take substantial time to debug," said Wallace Welder, Engineer/Scientist Rocketdyne division of Boeing. "Sometimes you get a segmentation fault after the first compilation and you have no idea what might have caused it. It could be a typo, or you could forget to list something by accident or misname something -- any number of mistakes can happen. Cleanscape's lint tool is excellent for catching all these errors that normally would be difficult or time-consuming to find."

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