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Frequently asked questions about static source code analysis
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What is Cleanscape FortranLint?

Advanced static source code analysis

Cleanscape FortranLint is an advanced static source code analysis tool that expedites and simplifies the debugging and maintenance of Fortran code. Cleanscape FortranLint rigorously examines source files both individually and as a group, almost instantly generating comprehensive user-definable reports on hundreds of problems that are readily accepted by a typical compiler.

Team linting

Automating source code analysis with Cleanscape FortranLint helps to identify potential problems early in software development, significantly reducing the risks and expenses that grow as problems continue to go undetected. Cleanscape FortranLint provides project managers with coding standards enforcement and statistical quality control measures by detecting noncompliance with codified style standards, by detecting maintenance or portability problems and by computing customized quantitative indicators of code size, complexity, and density.

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