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White Paper: "Graybox Software Testing Methodology"


The Graybox Testing Methodology is a software testing method used to test software applications. The methodology is platform and language independent. The current implementation of the Graybox methodology is heavily dependent on the use of a host platform debugger to execute and validate the software under test. Recent studies have confirmed that the Graybox method can be applied in real-time using software executing on the target platform. This now expands the capabilities of the Graybox method to include not only path coverage verification but also worst-case / best-case path timing. The Graybox toolset can now be called upon to perform and verify performance requirements. It is now possible to verify/validate CSCI/CSU/Module/Path timing, functional and structural requirements in a single test case with the same format used to verify/validate functional requirements. This paper will present the Graybox methodology and how this method has been applied in a real-time environment to validate mission critical software systems.

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