C++lint Core v. 9.00L Message List: 1126 Total

Syntax Errors - C (Warning Level 1)
1 Unclosed Comment (Location)
2 Unclosed Quote
3 #else without a #if
4 Too many #if levels
5 Too many #endif's
6 Stack Overflow
7 Unable to open include file: FileName
8 Unclosed #if (Location)
9 Too many #else's in #if (Location)
10 Expecting 'String'
11 Excessive Size
12 Need < or "
13 Bad type
14 Symbol 'Symbol' previously defined (Location)
15 Symbol 'Symbol' redeclared (TypeDiff) (Location)
16 Unrecognized name
17 Unrecognized name
18 Symbol 'Symbol' redeclared (TypeDiff) conflicts with Location
19 Useless Declaration
20 Illegal use of =
21 Expected {
22 Illegal operator
23 Expected colon
24 Expected an expression, found 'String'
25 Illegal constant
26 Expected an expression, found 'String'
27 Illegal character (0xhh)
28 Redefinition of symbol 'Symbol' Location
29 Duplicated type-specifier
30 Expected a constant
31 Redefinition of symbol 'Symbol' conflicts with Location
32 Field size (member 'Symbol') should not be zero
33 Illegal constant
34 Non-constant initializer
35 Initializer has side-effects
36 Redefining the storage class of symbol 'Symbol' conflicts with Location
37 Value of enumerator 'Symbol' inconsistent (conflicts with Location)
38 Offset of symbol 'Symbol' inconsistent (Location)
39 Redefinition of symbol 'Symbol' conflicts with Location
40 Undeclared identifier 'Name'
41 Redefinition of symbol 'Symbol'
42 Expected a statement
43 Vacuous type for variable 'Symbol'
44 Need a switch
45 Bad use of register
46 Field type should be int
47 Bad type
48 Bad type
49 Expected a type
50 Attempted to take the address of a non-lvalue
51 Expected integral type
52 Expected an lvalue
53 Expected a scalar
54 Division by 0
55 Bad type
56 Bad type
57 Bad type
58 Bad type
59 Bad type
60 Bad type
61 Bad type
62 Incompatible types (TypeDiff) for operator ':'
63 Expected an lvalue
64 Type mismatch (Context) (TypeDiff)
65 Expected a member name
66 Bad type
67 Can't cast from Type to Type
68 Can't cast from Type to Type
69 Can't cast from Type to Type
70 Can't cast from Type to Type
71 Can't cast from Type to Type
72 Bad option 'String'
73 Bad left operand
74 Address of Register
75 Too late to change sizes (option 'String')
76 can't open file String
77 Address of bit-field cannot be taken
78 Symbol 'Symbol' typedef'ed at Location used in expression
79 Bad type for % operator
80 this use of ellipsis is not strictly ANSI
81 struct/union not permitted in equality comparison
82 return <exp>; illegal with void function
83 Incompatible pointer types with subtraction
84 sizeof object is zero or object is undefined
85 Array 'Symbol' has dimension 0
86 Structure 'Symbol' has no data elements
87 Expression too complicated for #ifdef or #ifndef
88 Symbol 'Symbol' is an array of empty elements
89 Argument or option too long ('String')
90 Option 'String' is only appropriate within a lint comment
91 Line exceeds Integer characters (use +linebuf)
92 Negative array dimension or bit field length (Integer)
93 New-line is not permitted within string arguments to macros
94 xml element termination name 'String' does not match start name 'String'
95 Expected a macro parameter but instead found 'Name'
96 Unmatched left brace for String on Location
98 Recovery Error (String)
101 Expected an identifier
102 Illegal parameter specification
103 Unexpected declaration
104 Conflicting types
105 Conflicting modifiers
106 Illegal constant
107 Label 'Symbol' (Location) not defined
108 Invalid context
109 The combination 'short long' is not standard, 'long' is assumed
110 Attempt to assign to void
111 Assignment to const object
113 Inconsistent enum declaration
114 Inconsistent structure declaration for tag 'Symbol'
115 Struct/union not defined
116 Inappropriate storage class
117 Inappropriate storage class
118 Too few arguments for prototype
119 Too many arguments for prototype
120 Initialization without braces of dataless type 'Symbol'
121 Attempting to initialize an object of undefined type 'Symbol'
122 Digit (Char) too large for radix
123 Macro 'Symbol' defined with arguments at Location this is just a warning
124 Pointer to void not allowed
125 Too many storage class specifiers
126 Inconsistent structure definition 'Symbol'
127 Illegal constant
128 Pointer to function not allowed
129 declaration expected, identifier 'Symbol' ignored
130 Expected integral type
131 syntax error in call of macro 'Symbol' at location Location
132 Expected function definition
133 Too many initializers for aggregate 'Symbol'
134 Missing initializer
135 comma assumed in initializer
136 Illegal macro name
137 constant 'Symbol' used twice within switch
138 Can't add parent 'Symbol' to strong type String; creates loop
139 Can't take sizeof function
140 Type appears after modifier
141 The following option has too many elements: 'String'
142 case constant 'String' used previously in this switch
143 Erroneous option: String
144 Non-existent return value for symbol 'Symbol', compare with Location
145 Type expected before operator, void assumed
146 Assuming a binary constant
147 sizeof takes just one argument
148 member 'Symbol' previously declared at Location
149 C++ construct 'String' found in C code
150 Token 'String' unexpected String
151 Token 'Name' inconsistent with abstract type
152 Lob base file 'file name' missing
153 Could not create temporary file
154 Could not evaluate type 'String', int assumed
155 Ignoring { }'ed sequence within an expression, 0 assumed
156 Braced initializer for scalar type 'Name'
157 No data may follow an incomplete array
158 Assignment to variable 'Symbol' (Location) increases capability
159 enum following a type is non-standard
160 The sequence '( {' is non standard and is taken to introduce a GNU statement expression
161 Repeated use of parameter 'Symbol' in parameter list
165 An [unscoped] enumeration cannot be forward-declared [without an enum-base] (int is assumed)
166 Function defined within a function
169 mode(String) requests an (integral/floating point) type of size N, but no such type exists. (Please check -s options in the Lint configuration.)
170 Explicit type-specifier required for symbol 'Symbol', int assumed
171 Ellipsis requires at least one parameter-declaration

Fatal Errors - C (Warning Level 0)
301 Stack overflow
302 Exceeded Available Memory
303 String too long (try +macros)
304 Corrupt object file, code Integer, symbol=String
305 Unable to open module 'file name'
306 Previously encountered module 'FileName'
307 Can't open indirect file 'FileName'
308 Can't write to standard out
309 #error ...
310 Declaration too long: 'String...'
312 Lint (Precompiled Header/Object Module) has obsolete or foreign version id: Integer
313 Too many files
314 Previously used .lnt file: FileName
315 Exceeded message limit (see -limit)
316 Error while writing to file "file name"
317 File encoding, String, not currently supported
318 EOF for a module found within a macro argument list
321 Declaration stack overflow
322 Unable to open include file FileName
323 Token String too long
324 Too many symbols Integer
325 Cannot re-open file 'file name'
326 String 'String ...' too long, exceeds Integer characters
328 Bypass header 'Name' follows a different header sequence than in module 'String' which includes File1 where the current module includes File2
330 Static assertion failure: String
333 Not allowed to open file 'String'

Warning Messages - C (Warning Level 2)
401 symbol 'Symbol' not previously declared static at Location
402 static function 'Symbol' (Location) not defined
403 static symbol 'Symbol' has unusual type modifier
404 struct not completed within file 'FileName'
405 #if not closed off within file 'FileName'
406 Comment not closed off within file 'FileName'
407 Inconsistent use of tag 'Symbol' conflicts with Location
408 Type mismatch with switch expression
409 Expecting a pointer or array
410 size_t not what was expected from fzl and/or fzu, using 'Type'
411 ptrdiff_t not what was expected from fdl option, using 'Type'
412 Ambiguous format specifier '%X'
413 Likely use of null pointer 'Symbol' in [left/right] argument to operator 'String' Reference
414 Possible division by 0
415 access of out-of-bounds pointer ('Integer' beyond end of data) by operator 'String'
416 creation of out-of-bounds pointer ('Integer' beyond end of data) by operator 'String'
417 integral constant 'String' has precision Number which is longer than long long int
418 Passing null pointer to function 'Symbol', Context Reference
419 Apparent data overrun for function 'Symbol', argument Integer exceeds argument Integer
420 Apparent access beyond array for function 'Symbol', argument Integer exceeds Integer Reference
421 Caution -- function 'Symbol' is considered dangerous
422 Passing to function 'Symbol' a negative value (Integer), Context Reference
423 Creation of memory leak in assignment to variable 'Symbol'
424 Inappropriate deallocation (Name1) for 'Name2' data.
425 'Message' in processing semantic 'String' at token 'String'
426 Call to function 'Symbol' violates semantic 'String'
427 // comment terminates in \
428 negative subscript (Integer) in operator 'String'
429 Custodial pointer 'Symbol' (Location) has not been freed or returned
430 Character '@', taken to specify variable location, is not standard C/C++
431 Missing identifier for template parameter number Integer
432 Suspicious argument to malloc
433 Allocated area not large enough for pointer
434 White space ignored between back-slash and new-line
435 integral constant 'String' has precision Integer, use +fll to enable long long
436 Apparent preprocessor directive in invocation of macro 'Symbol'
437 Passing struct 'Symbol' to ellipsis
438 Last value assigned to variable 'Symbol' not used
440 for clause irregularity: variable 'Symbol' tested in 2nd expression does not match 'Symbol' modified in 3rd
441 for clause irregularity: loop variable 'Symbol' not found in 2nd for expression
442 for clause irregularity: testing direction inconsistent with increment direction
443 for clause irregularity: variable 'Symbol' initialized in 1st expression does not match 'Symbol' modified in 3rd
444 for clause irregularity: pointer 'Symbol' incremented in 3rd expression is tested for NULL in 2nd expression
445 reuse of for loop variable 'Symbol' at 'Location' could cause chaos
446 side effect in initializer
447 Extraneous whitespace ignored in include directive for file 'FileName'; opening file 'FileName'
448 Likely access of pointer pointing Integer bytes past nul character by operator 'String'
449 Pointer variable 'Symbol' previously deallocated
451 Header file 'FileName' repeatedly included but does not have a standard include guard
452 typedef Symbol 'Symbol' redeclared (TypeDiff) conflicts with Location",
453 Function 'Symbol', previously designated pure, String 'Name'
454 A thread mutex has been locked but not unlocked
455 A thread mutex that had not been locked is being unlocked
456 Two execution paths are being combined with different mutex lock states
457 Function 'Symbol1' of thread 'Symbol2' has an unprotected write access to variable 'Symbol3' which is used by function 'Symbol4' of thread 'Symbol5'
458 Function 'Symbol1' of thread 'Symbol2' has an unprotected read access to variable 'Symbol3' which is modified by function 'Symbol4' of thread 'Symbol5'
459 Function 'Symbol' whose address was taken has an unprotected access to variable 'Symbol'
460 Thread 'Symbol' has unprotected call to thread unsafe function 'Symbol' which is also called by thread 'Symbol'
461 Thread 'Symbol' has unprotected call to function 'Symbol' of group 'Name' while thread 'Symbol' calls function 'Symbol' of the same group
462 Thread 'Symbol' calling function 'Symbol' is inconsistent with the 'String' semantic
464 Buffer argument will be copied into itself
483 boolean value in switch expression
484 Stringize operator followed by macro parameter followed by pasting operator
485 Duplicate initialization of object element
486 attempting to write to a file opened as read-only
488 Symbol 'Symbol' has same implicit enumerator value 'String' as enumerator 'Symbol'
489 attempting to modify the contents of a string literal
491 non-standard use of 'defined' preprocessor operator
501 Expected signed type
502 Expected unsigned type
503 Boolean argument to relational
504 Unusual shift operation (String)
505 Redundant left argument to comma
506 Constant value Boolean
507 Size incompatibility
508 extern used with definition
509 extern used with definition
510 File extension 'String' reserved for future versions of this product
511 Size incompatibility
512 Symbol 'Symbol' previously used as static (Location)
514 Unusual use of a Boolean
515 Symbol 'Symbol' has arg. count conflict (Integer vs. Integer) with Location
516 Symbol 'Symbol' has arg. type conflict (no. Integer -- TypeDiff) with Location
517 defined not K&R
518 Expected '('
519 Size incompatibility
520 Highest operator or function lacks side-effects
521 Highest operator or function lacks side-effects
522 Highest operator or function lacks side-effects
524 Loss of precision (Context) (Type to Type)
525 Negative indentation from Location
526 'Symbol' (Location) not defined
527 Unreachable code at token Symbol
528 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
529 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not subsequently referenced
530 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not initialized
531 Field size too large for 'Symbol'
532 Return mode of function 'Symbol' inconsistent with Location
533 function 'Symbol' should (not) return a value (see Location)
534 Ignoring return value of function 'Symbol' (compare with Location)
537 Repeated include file 'FileName'
538 Excessive size
539 Did not expect positive indentation from Location
540 Excessive size
541 Excessive size
542 Excessive size for bit field
544 endif or else not followed by EOL
545 Suspicious use of &
546 Suspicious use of &
547 Redefinition of symbol 'Symbol' conflicts with Location
548 else expected
549 Suspicious cast
550 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not accessed
551 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not accessed
552 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not accessed
553 Undefined preprocessor variable 'Name', assumed 0
555 #elif not K&R
556 indented #
557 unrecognized format
558 Too few arguments for format (Integer missing)
559 size of argument number Integer inconsistent with format
560 argument no. Integer should be a pointer
561 (arg. no. Integer) indirect object inconsistent with format
562 Ellipsis (...) assumed
563 Label 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
564 variable 'Symbol' depends on order of evaluation
565 tag 'Symbol' not previously seen, assumed file-level scope
566 Inconsistent or redundant format char 'Char'
567 Expected a numeric field before char 'Char'
568 nonnegative quantity is never less than zero.
569 Loss of information (Context) (Integer bits to Integer bits)
570 Loss of sign (Context) (Type to Type)
571 Suspicious Cast
572 Excessive shift value (precision Integer shifted right by Integer)
573 Signed-unsigned mix with divide
574 Signed-unsigned mix with relational
575 enumeration constant exceeds range for integers
577 Mixed memory model (option 'String')
578 Declaration of symbol 'Symbol' hides symbol 'Symbol' (Location)
579 parameter preceding ellipsis has invalid type
580 Redeclaration of function 'Symbol' (hiding Location) causes loss of prototype
581 Option 'String' is obsolete and should no longer be used
582 esym (or emacro) name 'String' should not contain '('
583 Comparing type 'Type' with EOF
584 Trigraph sequence (??Char) detected
585 The sequence (??Char) is not a valid Trigraph sequence
586 String 'Name' is deprecated. String
587 Predicate 'String' can be pre-determined and always evaluates to String
588 Predicate 'String' will always evaluate to String unless an overflow occurs
589 Predicate 'String' will always evaluate to String assuming standard division semantics
590 Predicate 'String' will always evaluate to String assuming standard shift semantics
591 Variable 'Symbol' depends on the order of evaluation; it is used/modified through function 'Symbol' via calls: String"
592 Non-literal format specifier used without arguments
593 Custodial pointer 'Symbol' (Location) possibly not freed or returned
598 Excessive shift value (precision Integer shifted left by Integer)
601 Expected a type for symbol Symbol, int assumed
602 Comment within comment
603 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not initialized
604 Returning address of auto variable 'Symbol'
605 Increase in pointer capability (Context)
606 Non-ANSI escape sequence: '\String'
607 Parameter 'Symbol' of macro found within string
608 Assigning to an array parameter
609 Suspicious pointer conversion
610 Suspicious pointer combination
611 Suspicious cast
612 Expected a declarator
613 Possible use of null pointer 'Symbol' in [left/right] argument to operator 'String' Reference
614 auto aggregate initializer not constant
615 auto aggregate initializer has side effects
616 control flows into case/default
617 String is both a module and an include file
618 Storage class specified after a type
619 Loss of precision (Context) (Pointer to Pointer)
620 Suspicious constant (L or one?)
621 Identifier clash (Symbol 'Name' with Symbol 'Name' at String)
622 Size of argument no. Integer inconsistent with format
623 redefining the storage class of symbol 'Symbol' (TypeDiff) conflicts with Location
624 typedef 'Symbol' redeclared (TypeDiff) (Location)
625 auto symbol 'Symbol' has unusual type modifier
626 argument no. Integer inconsistent with format
627 (arg. no. Integer) indirect object inconsistent with format
628 no argument information provided for function 'Symbol' (Location)
629 static class for function 'Symbol' is non standard
630 ambiguous reference to symbol 'Name'
631 tag 'Symbol' defined differently at Location
632 Assignment to strong type 'Name' in context: Context
633 Assignment from a strong type 'Name' in context: Context
634 Strong type mismatch (type 'Symbol') in equality or conditional
635 resetting strong parent of type 'Symbol', old parent == type 'Symbol'
636 ptr to strong type 'Name' versus another type
637 Expected index type 'Symbol' for strong type 'Symbol'
638 Strong type mismatch for type 'Name' in relational
639 Strong type mismatch for type 'Name' in binary operation
640 Expected strong type 'Name' in Boolean context
641 Converting enum to int
642 Format char 'Char' not supported by wsprintf
643 Loss of precision in pointer cast
644 Variable 'Symbol' (Location) may not have been initialized
645 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) may not have been initialized
646 case/default within Kind loop; may have been misplaced
647 Suspicious truncation
648 Overflow in computing constant for operation: String
649 Sign fill during constant shift
650 Constant out of range for operator String
651 Potentially confusing initializer
652 #define of symbol 'Symbol' declared previously at Location
653 Possible loss of fraction
654 Option String obsolete; use -width(W,I)
655 bit-wise operation uses (compatible) enum's
656 Arithmetic operation uses (compatible) enum's
657 Unusual (nonportable) anonymous struct or union
658 Anonymous union assumed (use flag +fan)
659 Nothing follows '}' on line within struct/union/enum declaration
660 Option 'String' requests removing an extent that is not on the list
661 possible access of out-of-bounds pointer ('Integer' beyond end of data) by operator 'String'
662 possible creation of out-of-bounds pointer ('Integer' beyond end of data) by operator 'String'
663 Suspicious array to pointer conversion
664 Left side of logical OR (||) or logical AND (&&) does not return
665 Unparenthesized parameter Integer in macro 'Symbol' is passed an expression
666 Expression with side effects passed to repeated parameter Integer of macro 'Symbol'
667 Inconsistent use of qualifiers for symbol 'Symbol' (type 'Type' vs. 'Type') conflicts with Location
668 Possibly passing a null pointer to function 'Symbol', Context Reference
669 Possible data overrun for function 'Symbol', argument Integer exceeds argument Integer Reference
670 Possible access beyond array for function 'Symbol', argument Integer exceeds Integer Reference
671 Possibly passing to function 'Symbol' a negative value (Integer), Context Reference
672 Possible memory leak in assignment to pointer 'Symbol'
673 Possibly inappropriate deallocation (Name1) for 'Name2' data.
674 Returning address of auto through variable 'Symbol'.
675 No prior semantics associated with 'Name' in option 'String'
676 Possibly negative subscript (Integer) in operator 'String'
677 sizeof used within preprocessor statement.
678 Member 'Symbol' field length (Integer) too small for enum precision (Integer)
679 Suspicious Truncation in arithmetic expression combining with pointer
680 Suspicious Truncation in arithmetic expression converted to pointer
681 Loop is not entered
682 sizeof applied to a parameter 'Symbol' whose type is a sized array
683 function 'Symbol' #define'd
684 Passing address of auto variable 'Symbol' into caller space
685 Relational operator 'String,' always evaluates to 'String'
686 Option 'String' is suspicious because of 'Name'
687 Suspicious use of comma operator
688 Cast used within a preprocessor conditional statement
689 Apparent end of comment ignored
690 Possible access of pointer pointing Integer bytes past nul character by operator 'String'
691 Suspicious use of backslash
692 Decimal character 'Char' follows octal escape sequence 'String'
693 Hexadecimal digit 'Char' immediately after 'String' is suspicious in string literal.
694 The type of constant 'String' (precision Integer) is dialect dependent
695 Inline function 'Symbol' defined without a storage-class specifier ('static' recommended)
696 Variable 'Symbol' has value 'String' that is out of range for operator 'String'
697 Quasi-boolean values should be equality-compared only with 0
698 Casual use of realloc can create a memory leak

Informational Messages - C (Warning Level 3)
701 Shift left of signed quantity (int)
702 Shift right of signed quantity (int)
703 Shift left of signed quantity (long)
704 Shift right of signed quantity (long)
705 Argument no. Integer nominally inconsistent with format
706 (arg. no. Integer) indirect object inconsistent with format
707 Mixing narrow and wide string literals in concatenation.
708 union initialization
712 Loss of precision (Context) (Type to Type)
713 Loss of precision (Context) (Type to Type)
714 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
715 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
716 while(1) ...
717 do ... while(0)
718 Symbol 'Symbol' undeclared, assumed to return int
719 Too many arguments for format (Integer too many)
720 Boolean test of assignment
721 Suspicious use of ;
722 Suspicious use of ;
723 Suspicious use of =
725 Expected positive indentation from Location
726 Extraneous comma ignored
727 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not explicitly initialized
728 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not explicitly initialized
729 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not explicitly initialized
730 Boolean argument to function
731 Boolean argument to equal/not equal
732 Loss of sign (Context) (Type to Type)
733 Assigning address of auto variable 'Symbol' to outer scope symbol 'Symbol'
734 Loss of precision (Context) (Integer bits to Integer bits)
735 Loss of precision (Context) (Integer bits to Integer bits)
736 Loss of precision (Context) (Integer bits to Integer bits)
737 Loss of sign in promotion from Type to Type
738 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) not explicitly initialized
739 Trigraph Sequence 'String' in literal (Quiet Change)
740 Unusual pointer cast (incompatible indirect types)
741 Unusual pointer cast (function qualification)
742 Multiple character constant
743 Negative character constant
744 switch statement has no default
745 function 'Name' has no explicit type or class, int assumed
746 call to function 'Name' not made in the presence of a prototype
747 Significant prototype coercion (Context) Type to Type
748 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) is a register variable used with setjmp
749 local enumeration constant 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
750 local macro 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
751 local typedef 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
752 local declarator 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
753 local struct, union or enum tag 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
754 local structure member 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
755 global macro 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
756 global typedef 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
757 global declarator 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
758 global struct, union or enum tag 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
759 header declaration for symbol 'Symbol' (Location) could be moved from header to module
760 Redundant macro 'Symbol' defined identically at Location
761 Redundant typedef 'Symbol' previously declared at Location
762 Redundantly declared symbol 'Symbol' previously declared at Location
763 Redundant declaration for symbol 'Symbol' previously declared at Location
764 switch statement does not have a case
765 external 'Symbol' (Location) could be made static
766 Header file FileName not used in module String
767 macro 'Symbol' was defined differently in another module (Location)
768 global struct member 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
769 global enumeration constant 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
770 tag 'Symbol' defined identically at Location
771 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) conceivably not initialized
772 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) conceivably not initialized
773 Expression-like macro 'Symbol' not parenthesized
774 Boolean within 'String' always evaluates to [True/False]
775 non-negative quantity cannot be less than zero
776 Possible truncation of addition
777 Testing float's for equality
778 Constant expression evaluates to 0 in operation: String
779 String constant in comparison operator: Operator
780 Vacuous array element
782 Line exceeds Integer characters
783 Line does not end with new-line
784 Nul character truncated from string
785 Too few initializers for aggregate 'Symbol'
786 String concatenation within initializer
787 enum constant 'Symbol' not used within switch
788 enum constant 'Symbol' not used within defaulted switch
789 Assigning address of auto variable 'Symbol' to static
790 Suspicious truncation, integral to float.
791 unusual option sequence
792 void cast of void expression
793 ANSI limit of String 'String' 'Name' exceeded -- processing is unaffected
794 Conceivable use of null pointer 'Symbol' in [left/right] argument to operator 'String' Reference
795 Conceivable division by 0
796 Conceivable access of out-of-bounds pointer ('Integer' beyond end of data) by operator 'String'
797 Conceivable creation of out-of-bounds pointer ('Integer' beyond end of data) by operator 'String'
798 Redundant character 'Char'
799 numerical constant 'Integer' larger than unsigned long
801 Use of goto is deprecated
802 Conceivably passing a null pointer to function 'Symbol', Context Reference
803 Conceivable data overrun for function 'Symbol', argument Integer exceeds argument Integer Reference
804 Conceivable access beyond array for function 'Symbol', argument Integer exceeds Integer Reference
805 Expected L"..." to initialize wide char string
806 Small bit field is signed rather than unsigned
807 Conceivably passing to function 'Symbol' a negative value (Integer), Context Reference
808 No explicit type given symbol 'Sybmol', assumed int
809 Possible return of address of auto through variable 'Symbol'
810 Arithmetic modification of custodial pointer 'Symbol'
811 Possible deallocation of pointer alias
812 static variable 'Symbol' has size 'Integer'
813 auto variable 'Symbol' in function 'Symbol' has size 'Integer'
814 useless declaration
815 Arithmetic modification of unsaved pointer
816 Non-ANSI format specification
817 Conceivably negative subscript (Integer) in operator 'String'
818 Pointer parameter 'Symbol' (Location) could be declared ptr to const
820 Boolean test of a parenthesized assignment
821 Right hand side of assignment not parenthesized
825 control flows into case/default without -fallthrough comment
826 Suspicious pointer-to-pointer conversion (area too small)
827 Loop not reachable
828 Semantics of function 'Name' copied to function 'Name'
829 A +headerwarn option was previously issued for header 'Symbol
830 Location cited in prior message
831 Reference cited in prior message
832 Parameter 'Symbol' not explicitly declared, int assumed
833 Symbol 'Symbol' is typed differently (String) in another module, Location,
834 Operator 'Name' followed by operator 'Name' is confusing. Use parentheses.
835 A zero has been given as [left/right] argument to operator 'Name'
836 Conceivable access of pointer pointing Integer bytes past nul character by operator 'String'
838 Previously assigned value to variable 'Symbol' has not been used
839 Storage class of symbol 'Symbol' assumed static (Location)
840 Use of nul character in a string literal
843 Variable 'Symbol' (Location) could be declared as const
844 Pointer variable 'Symbol' (Location) could be declared as pointing to const
845 The [left/right] argument to operator 'Name' is certain to be 0
846 Signedness of bit-field is implementation defined
847 Thread 'Symbol' has unprotected call to thread unsafe function 'Symbol'
848 Worst case function for stack usage: String
849 Symbol 'Symbol' has same enumerator value 'String' as enumerator 'Symbol'
850 for loop index variable 'Symbol' whose type category is 'String' modified in body of the for loop that began at 'String'
864 Expression involving variable 'Symbol' possibly depends on order of evaluation
866 Unusual use of 'String' in argument to sizeof
867 Unrecognized pragma 'Name' will be ignored

Elective Notes - C (Warning Level 4)
900 Successful completion, 'Integer' messages produced
904 Return statement before end of function 'Symbol'
905 Non-literal format specifier used (with arguments)
909 Implicit conversion from Type to bool
910 Implicit conversion (Context) from 0 to pointer
911 Implicit expression promotion from Type to Type
912 Implicit binary conversion from Type to Type
913 Implicit adjustment of expected argument type from Type to Type
914 Implicit adjustment of function return value from Type to Type
915 Implicit conversion (Context) Type to Type
916 Implicit pointer assignment conversion (Context)
917 Prototype coercion (Context) Type to Type
918 Prototype coercion (Context) of pointers
919 Implicit conversion (Context) Type to Type
920 Cast from Type to void
921 Cast from Type to Type
922 Cast from Type to Type
923 Cast from Type to Type
924 Cast from Type to Type
925 Cast from pointer to pointer
926 Cast from pointer to pointer
927 Cast from pointer to pointer
928 Cast from pointer to pointer
929 Cast from pointer to pointer
930 Cast from Type to Type
931 Both sides have side effects
932 Passing near pointer to library function '(Symbol)' (Context)
933 Passing near pointer to far function (Context)
934 Taking address of near auto variable 'Symbol' (Context)
935 int within struct
936 old-style function definition for function 'Symbol'
937 old-style function declaration for function 'Symbol'
938 parameter 'Symbol' not explicitly declared
939 return type defaults to int for function 'Symbol'
940 omitted braces within an initializer
941 Result 0 due to operand(s) equaling 0 in operation 'String'
942 Possibly truncated addition promoted to float
943 Too few initializers for aggregate 'Symbol'
944 [left/right/] argument for operator 'String' always evaluates to [True/False]
945 Undefined struct used with extern
946 Relational or subtract operator applied to pointers
947 Subtract operator applied to pointers
948 Operator 'String' always evaluates to [True/False]
950 Non-ANSI reserved word or construct: 'Symbol'
951 Pointer to incomplete type 'Symbol' employed in operation
952 Parameter 'Symbol' (Location) could be declared const
953 Variable 'Symbol' (Location) could be declared as const
954 Pointer variable 'Symbol' (Location) could be declared as pointing to a const
955 Parameter name missing from prototype for function 'Symbol'
956 Non const, non volatile static or external variable 'Symbol'
957 Function 'Symbol' defined without a prototype in scope
958 Padding of Integer byte(s) is required to align member on Integer byte boundary
959 Nominal struct size (Integer bytes) is not an even multiple of the maximum member alignment (Integer bytes)
960 Violates MISRA Year Required Rule Name, String
961 Violates MISRA Year Advisory Rule Name, String"
962 Macro 'Symbol' defined identically at another location (Location)
963 Qualifier const or volatile follows/precedes a type; use -fqb/+fqb to reverse the test
964 Header file FileName not directly used in module String
966 Indirectly included header file 'FileName' not used by module 'String'
967 Header file 'FileName' does not have a standard include guard
970 Use of modifier or type 'Name' outside of a typedef
971 Use of 'char' without 'signed' or 'unsigned'
973 Unary operator in macro 'Symbol' not parenthesized
974 Worst case function for stack usage: String
975 Unrecognized pragma 'Name' will be ignored

Syntax Errors - C++ (Warning Level 1)
1001 Scope 'Name' must be a struct or class name
1002 'this' must be used in class member function
1003 'this' may not be used in a static member function
1004 Expected a pointer to member after .* or ->*
1005 Destructor declaration requires class
1006 Language feature 'String' not supported
1007 Pure specifier for function 'Symbol' requires a virtual function
1008 Expected '0' to follow '=', text ignored
1009 operator 'String' not redefinable
1010 Expected a type or an operator
1011 Conversion Type Name too long
1012 Type not needed before 'operator type'
1013 Symbol 'Name' not a member of class 'Name'
1014 Explicit storage class not needed for member function 'Symbol'
1015 Symbol 'Name' not found in class
1016 Symbol 'Symbol' is supposed to denote a class
1017 conflicting access-specifier 'String'
1018 Expected a type after 'new'
1019 Could not find match for function 'Symbol(String)'
1020 template specialization for 'Symbol' declared without a 'template<>' prefix
1022 Function: 'String' must be a class member
1023 Call String(String) is ambiguous; candidates: String
1024 No function has same argument count as 'Name'
1025 No function matches invocation 'Name' on arg no. Integer
1026 Undominated function 'String' does not dominate 'String' on call to 'String'
1027 Non-consecutive default arguments in function 'String', assumed 0
1028 Last argument not default in first instance of function 'String', assumed 0
1029 Default argument repeated in function 'String'
1030 Not all arguments after arg no. Integer are default in function 'String'
1031 Local variable 'Symbol' used in default argument expression
1032 Member 'String' cannot be called without object
1033 Static member functions cannot be virtual
1034 Static member 'Symbol' is global and cannot be redefined
1035 Non-static member 'Symbol' cannot initialize a default argument
1036 ambiguous reference to constructor; candidates: 'String'
1037 ambiguous reference to conversion function; candidates: 'String'
1038 type 'Name' not found, nested type 'Name::String' assumed
1039 Symbol 'Symbol' is not a member of class 'String'
1040 Symbol 'Symbol' is not a legal declaration within class 'String'
1041 Can't declare 'String', assumed 'operator String'
1042 At least one class-like operand is required with Name
1043 Attempting to 'delete' a non-pointer
1046 member 'Symbol', referenced in a static function, requires an object
1047 a template declaration must be made at file scope
1048 expected a constant expression
1049 Too many template arguments
1050 expected a template argument list '<...>' for template 'Symbol'
1051 Symbol 'Name' is both a function and a variable
1052 a type was expected, 'class' assumed
1053 'String' cannot be distinguished from 'String'
1054 template variable declaration expects a type, int assumed
1055 Symbol 'Symbol' undeclared, assumed to return int
1056 assignment from void * is not allowed in C++
1057 member 'Symbol' cannot be used without an object
1058 Initializing a non-const reference 'Symbol' with a non-lvalue
1059 Can't convert from 'Type' to 'Type'
1060 String member 'Symbol' is not accessible to non-member non-friend functions
1061 String member 'Symbol' is not accessible through non-public inheritance
1062 template must be either a class or a function
1063 Argument to copy constructor for class 'Symbol' should be a reference
1064 Template parameter list for template 'Symbol' inconsistent with Location
1065 Symbol 'Symbol' not declared as "C" conflicts with Location
1066 Symbol 'Symbol' declared as "C" conflicts with Location
1067 invalid prototype for function 'Symbol'
1068 Symbol 'Symbol' can not be overloaded
1069 Symbol 'Name' is not a base class of class 'Name'
1070 No scope in which to find symbol 'Name'
1071 Constructors and destructors can not have return type
1072 Reference variable 'Symbol' must be initialized
1073 Insufficient number of template parameters for 'Symbol'; 'String' assumed
1074 Expected a namespace identifier
1075 Ambiguous reference to symbol 'Symbol' and symbol 'Symbol'
1076 Anonymous union assumed to be 'static'
1077 Could not evaluate default template parameter 'String'
1078 class 'Symbol' should not have itself as a base class
1079 Could not find '>' or ',' to terminate template parameter at Location
1080 Definition for class 'Name' is not in scope
1081 Object parameter does not contain the address of a variable
1082 Object parameter for a reference type should be an external symbol
1083 Ambiguous conversion between 2nd and 3rd operands of conditional operator
1084 Ambiguous use of template-id for instantiation of 'Type'
1085 Invalid definition of 'String'
1086 Compound literals may only be used in C99 programs
1087 Previous declaration of 'Name' (Location) is incompatible with 'Name' (Location) which was introduced by the current using-declaration
1088 A using-declaration must name a qualified-id
1089 A using-declaration must not name a namespace
1090 A using-declaration must not name a template-id
1091 'Name' is not a base class of 'Name'
1092 A using-declaration that names a class member must be a member-declaration
1093 A pure specifier was given for function 'Symbol' which was not declared virtual
1094 Could not find ')' or ',' to terminate default function argument at Location
1095 Effective type 'Type' of non-type template parameter #Integer (corresponding to argument expression 'String') depends on an unspecialized parameter of this partial specialization
1096 A target ctor must be the only mem-initializer in the mem-initializer-list of a delegating ctor
1097 Delegating ctor delegates directly to itself, causing infinite recursion
1098 Function template specialization 'Symbol' does not match any function template
1099 Ambiguous function template specialization 'Symbol'
1100 Declaration of 'Symbol' does not declare an explicit specialization, explicit instantiation or friend
1101 Type of variable 'Symbol' cannot be deduced from its initializer
1102 auto type deduced inconsistently: 'Type' for 'Symbol' but 'Type' for 'Symbol'
1103 Type 'Type' is not allowed as an enum-base
1104 A reference to enumeration 'Symbol' should not use 'String'
1105 Use of ref qualification of 'Symbol' inconsistent with overloaded function 'Symbol' (Location)
1106 Initializing value 'String' of enumerator 'Name' cannot be represented by the enumeration's underlying type 'Type'
1107 Mixing two different kinds of string literals
1108 Use of deleted function 'Symbol' defined at 'Location'
1110 Cycle detected: explicit application of 'Name'::operator-> causes infinite implicit applications of the same operator
1111 ISO C++ requires an explicit specialization/instantiation to appear at namespace scope
1112 In a declaration, the form 'auto D(parms)->type' (where D is either a name or a parenthesized region) is the only valid way to use a trailing-return-type
1113 In this use of 'Template', type substitution failed for 'Type'
1116 Virtual function 'Symbol' overrides function marked with final
1117 Non-virtual function 'Symbol' marked with 'String'
1118 Virtual function 'Symbol' already marked with 'String'
1119 Virtual function 'Symbol' marked with override does not override
1120 Incomplete type 'Type' is not a valid range expression
1121 No viable 'String' function defined for type 'Type' used as range expression
1122 Range expression of type 'Type' has 'String' member but no 'String' member
1123 Attempt to derive from class 'Symbol' marked as 'final' at Location
1124 Digit separator not allowed: 'String'
1125 A type cannot be defined in a friend declaration
1126 In std::underlying_type<T>, T must be an enumeration type; but here, T is 'Type'.
1127 catch handler after catch(...)

Warning Messages - C++ (Warning Level 2)
1401 member 'Symbol' (Location) not initialized by constructor
1402 member 'Symbol' (Location) not initialized
1403 member 'Symbol' (Location) not initialized
1404 deleting an object of type 'Symbol' before type is defined
1405 Header typeinfo must be included before typeid is used
1411 Member with different signature hides virtual member 'Symbol' (Location)
1412 Reference member 'Symbol' is not initialized
1413 function 'Symbol' is returning a temporary via a reference
1414 Assigning address of auto variable 'Symbol' to member of this
1415 Pointer to non-POD class 'Name' passed to function 'Symbol' (Context)
1416 An uninitialized reference 'Symbol' is being used to initialize reference 'Symbol'
1417 reference member 'Symbol' not initialized by constructor initializer list
1419 explicit throw of the NULL macro
1501 data member 'Symbol' has zero size
1502 defined object 'Symbol' has no nonstatic data members
1503 a tagged union is not anonymous
1504 useless struct declaration
1505 no access specifier provided, 'String' assumed
1506 Call to virtual function 'Symbol' within a constructor or destructor
1507 attempting to 'delete' an array
1509 base class destructor for class 'Name' is not virtual
1510 base class 'Name' has no destructor
1511 Member hides non-virtual member 'Symbol' (Location)
1512 destructor for base class 'Symbol' (Location) is not virtual
1513 storage class ignored
1514 Creating temporary to copy 'Type' to 'Type' (context: Context)
1515 Default constructor not available for member 'Symbol'
1516 Data member hides inherited member 'Symbol' (Location)
1520 Multiple assignment operators for class 'Symbol'
1521 Multiple copy constructors for class 'Symbol'
1522 Symbol 'Symbol' is an array of empty objects
1524 new in constructor for class 'Name' which has no explicit destructor
1526 Member function 'Symbol' (Location) not defined
1527 static member 'Symbol' (Location) not defined
1528 call to String does not match function template String
1529 Symbol 'Symbol' not first checking for assignment to this
1531 Symbol 'Symbol' (Location) should have compared argument against sizeof(class)
1532 Symbol 'Symbol' not checking argument for NULL
1533 Repeated friend declaration for symbol 'Symbol'
1534 static variable 'Symbol' found within inline function in header
1535 Exposing low access data through member 'Symbol'
1536 Exposing low access member 'Symbol'
1537 const function returns pointer data member 'Symbol'
1538 base class 'Name' absent from initializer list for copy constructor
1539 member 'Symbol' (Location) not assigned by assignment operator
1540 pointer member 'Symbol' (Location) neither freed nor zero'ed by destructor
1541 member 'Symbol' (Location) possibly not initialized by constructor
1542 member 'Symbol' (Location) possibly not initialized
1543 member 'Symbol' (Location) possibly not initialized
1544 value of variable 'Symbol' (Location) indeterminate (order of initialization)
1545 value of variable 'Symbol' used previously to initialize variable 'Symbol' (Location)
1546 direct throw of exception 'Name' within destructor 'Symbol'
1547 Assignment of array to pointer to base class (Context)
1548 Exception specification for 'Symbol' conflicts with Location
1549 Exception thrown for function 'Symbol' not declared to throw
1550 exception 'Name' thrown by function 'Symbol' is not on throw-list of function 'Symbol'
1551 function may throw exception 'Name' in destructor 'Symbol'
1552 Converting pointer to array-of-derived to pointer to base
1553 struct 'Symbol' declared as extern "C" contains C++ substructure 'Symbol' (Location)
1554 Direct pointer copy of member 'Symbol' within copy constructor: 'Symbol'
1555 Direct pointer copy of member 'Symbol' within copy assignment operator: 'Symbol'
1556 'new Type(integer)' is suspicious
1557 const member 'Symbol' is not initialized
1558 virtual coupled with inline is an unusual combination
1559 Uncaught exception 'Name' may be thrown in destructor 'Symbol'
1560 Uncaught exception 'Name' not on throw-list of function 'Symbol'
1561 Reference initialization causes loss of const/volatile integrity (Context)
1562 Exception specification for 'Symbol' is not a subset of 'Symbol' (Location)
1563 Suspicious third argument to ?: operator
1564 Assigning a non-zero-one constant to a bool
1565 member 'Symbol' (Location) not assigned by initializer function
1566 member 'Symbol' (Location) might have been initialized by a separate function but no '-sem(Name,initializer)' was seen
1567 Initialization of variable 'Symbol' (Location) is indeterminate as it uses variable 'Symbol' through calls: 'String'
1568 Variable 'Symbol' (Location) accesses variable 'Symbol' before the latter is initialized through calls: 'String'
1569 Initializing a member reference with a temporary.
1570 Initializing a reference class member with an auto variable 'Symbol'
1571 Returning an auto variable 'Symbol' via a reference type
1572 Initializing a static reference variable with an auto variable 'Symbol'
1573 Generic function template 'Symbol' declared in namespace associated with type 'Symbol' (Location)
1574 Returning the address of an auto variable indirectly through reference variable 'Symbol'
1576 Explicit specialialization does not occur in the same file as corresponding function template 'Symbol' (Location)
1577 Partial or explicit specialialization does not occur in the same file as primary template 'Symbol' (Location)
1578 Pointer member 'Symbol' (Location) neither freed nor zeroed by cleanup function
1579 Pointer member 'Symbol' (Location) might have been freed by a separate function but no '-sem(Name,cleanup)' was seen

Informational Messages - C++ (Warning Level 3)
1701 redundant access-specifier 'String'
1702 operator 'Name' is both an ordinary function 'String' and a member function 'String'
1703 Function 'String' arbitrarily selected. Refer to Error 'Integer'
1704 Constructor 'Symbol' has private access specification
1705 static class members may be accessed by the scoping operator
1706 Declaration with scope operator is unusual within a class
1707 static assumed for String
1708 typedef 'Symbol' not declared as "C" conflicts with Location
1709 typedef 'Symbol' declared as "C" conflicts with Location
1710 An implicit 'typename' was assumed
1711 class 'Symbol' (Location) has a virtual function but is not inherited
1712 default constructor not defined for class 'Name'
1713 Parentheses have inconsistent interpretation
1714 Member function 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
1715 static member 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
1716 Virtual member function 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
1717 empty prototype for function declaration, assumed '(void)'
1718 expression within brackets ignored
1719 assignment operator for class 'Symbol' has non-reference parameter
1720 assignment operator for class 'Symbol' has non-const parameter
1721 operator =( ) for class 'Symbol' is not assignment operator
1722 assignment operator for class 'Symbol' does not return a reference to class
1723 Template 'Symbol' arbitrarily selected. Refer to Error 'Integer'
1724 Argument to copy constructor for class 'Symbol' should be a const reference
1725 class member 'Symbol' is a reference
1726 taking address of overloaded function name 'Symbol'
1727 inline 'Symbol' not previously defined inline at (Location)
1728 Symbol 'Symbol' was previously defined inline at (Location)
1729 Initializer inversion detected for member 'Symbol'
1730 class/struct inconsistency for symbol 'Symbol' (conflicts with Location)
1732 new in constructor for class 'Name' which has no assignment operator
1733 new in constructor for class 'Name' which has no copy constructor
1734 Had difficulty compiling template function: 'Symbol'
1735 Virtual function 'Symbol' has default parameter
1736 Redundant access specifier (String)
1737 Symbol 'Symbol' hides global operator new
1738 non-copy constructor 'Symbol' used to initialize copy constructor
1739 Binary operator 'Symbol' should be non-member function
1740 pointer member 'Symbol' (Location) not directly freed or zero'ed by destructor
1741 member 'Symbol' (Location) conceivably not initialized by constructor
1742 member 'Symbol' (Location) conceivably not initialized
1743 member 'Symbol' (Location) conceivably not initialized
1744 member 'Symbol' (Location) possibly not initialized by private constructor
1745 member 'Symbol' (Location) not assigned by private assignment operator
1746 parameter 'Symbol' of function 'Symbol' could be made const reference
1747 binary operator 'Symbol' returning a reference
1748 non-virtual base class 'Name' included twice in class 'Name'
1749 base class 'Symbol' of class 'Symbol' need not be virtual
1750 local template 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
1751 unnamed namespace in header
1752 catch parameter Integer is not a reference
1753 Overloading special operator 'Symbol'
1754 Expected symbol 'Symbol' to be declared for class 'Symbol'
1755 global template 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
1757 Discarded instance of post decrement/increment
1758 Prefix increment/decrement operator 'Symbol' returns a non-reference
1759 Postfix increment/decrement operator 'Symbol' returns a reference.
1760 Redundant template 'Symbol' defined identically at Location
1761 Declaration of function 'Symbol' hides overloaded function 'Symbol' (Location)
1762 Member function 'Symbol' could be made const
1763 Member function 'Symbol' marked as const indirectly modifies class
1764 Reference parameter 'Symbol' (Location) could be declared const reference
1768 Virtual function 'Symbol' has an access (String) different from the access (String) in the base class (String)
1769 Member or base class 'Symbol' has no constructor
1770 function 'Symbol' defined without function 'String'
1771 function 'Symbol' replaces global function
1772 Assignment operator 'Symbol' is not returning *this
1773 Attempt to cast away const (or volatile)
1774 Could use dynamic_cast to downcast ptr to polymorphic type 'Symbol'
1775 catch block does not catch any declared exception
1776 Converting string literals to Type is not const safe (Context)
1777 Template recursion limit (Integer) reached, use -tr_limit(n)
1778 Assignment of string literal to variable 'Symbol' (Location) is not const safe
1780 Returning address of reference parameter 'Symbol'
1781 Passing address of reference parameter 'Symbol' into caller address space
1782 Assigning address of reference parameter 'Symbol' to a static variable
1784 Symbol 'Symbol' previously declared as "C", compare with Location
1785 Implicit conversion from Boolean (Context) (Type to Type)
1786 Implicit conversion to Boolean (Context) (Type to Type)
1787 Access declarations are deprecated in favor of using declarations
1788 Variable 'Symbol' (Location) (type 'Name') is referenced only by its constructor or destructor
1789 Template constructor 'Symbol' cannot be a copy constructor
1790 Base class 'Symbol' has no non-destructor virtual functions
1791 No token on this line follows the 'return' keyword
1792 Assignment operator for class 'Symbol' does not return a const reference to class
1793 While calling 'Symbol': Initializing the implict object parameter 'Type' (a non-const reference) with a non-lvalue
1794 Using-declaration introduces 'Name' (Location), which has the same parameter list as 'Name' (Location), which was also introduced here by previous using-declaration 'Name' (Location)
1795 Defined template 'Symbol' was not instantiated.
1796 Explicit specialization of overloaded function template 'Symbol'

Elective Notes - C++ (Warning Level 4)
1901 Creating a temporary of type 'Symbol'
1902 useless ';' follows '}' in function definition
1904 Old-style C comment
1905 implicit default constructor generated for class 'Name'
1907 implicit destructor generated for class 'Name'
1908 'virtual' assumed for destructor'~Name( )' (inherited from base class 'Name( )
1909 'virtual' assumed, see: function 'Symbol' (Location)
1911 Implicit call of constructor 'Symbol' (see text)
1912 Implicit call of conversion function from class 'Name' to type 'Type'
1914 Default constructor 'Symbol' (Location) not referenced
1915 Overriding virtual function 'Symbol' is not marked with override
1916 Ellipsis encountered
1917 Empty prototype for String, assumed '(void)'
1918 empty prototype for member declaration, assumed (void)
1919 Multiple assignment operators for class 'Symbol'
1920 Casting to a reference
1921 Symbol 'Symbol' not checking argument against sizeof(class)
1922 Symbol 'Symbol' not checking argument for NULL
1923 macro 'Symbol' could become const variable
1924 C-style cast
1925 Symbol 'Symbol' is a public data member
1926 Symbol 'Symbol's default constructor implicitly called
1927 Symbol 'Symbol' did not appear in the constructor initializer list
1928 Symbol 'Name' did not appear in the constructor initializer list
1929 function 'Symbol' returning a reference
1930 Conversion operator 'Symbol' found
1931 Constructor 'Symbol' can be used for implicit conversions
1932 Base class 'Symbol' is not abstract.
1933 Call to unqualified virtual function 'Symbol' from non-static member function
1934 Shift operator 'Symbol' should be non-member function
1935 Dynamic initialization for class object 'Symbol1' (references 'Symbol2')
1936 Dynamic initialization for scalar 'Symbol1' (references 'Symbol2')
1937 Static variable 'Symbol' has a destructor.
1938 constructor 'Symbol' accesses global data.
1939 Down cast detected
1940 Address of reference parameter 'Symbol' transferred outside of function
1941 Assignment operator for class 'Symbol' does not return a const reference to class
1942 Unqualified name 'Symbol' subject to misinterpretation owing to dependent base class
1960 Violates MISRA C++ Required Rule Name, String
1961 virtual member function 'Symbol' could be made const
1962 Non-const member function 'Symbol' contains a deep modification.
1963 Violates MISRA C++ Advisory Rule Name, String

Industry/Author Guidelines (Warning Level 4)
9001 Octal constant used
9003 could define variable 'Symbol' at block scope
9004 object/function 'Symbol' previously declared
9005 attempt to cast away const/volatile from a pointer or reference
9006 'sizeof' used on expression with side effect
9007 side effects on right hand of logical operator, 'String'
9008 comma operator used
9009 floating point variable used as loop counter
9011 more than one 'break/goto' terminates loop
9012 sub-statement should be a compound statement
9013 no 'else' at end of 'if ... else if' chain
9014 default missing from switch statement
9015 macro argument is used both with and without '#/##' and is subject to further replacement
9016 pointer arithmetic other than array indexing used
9017 pointer arithmetic by increment or decrement used
9018 declaration of union type or object of union type, 'Type'
9019 declaration of 'String' before #include
9020 header file name with non-standard character 'String'
9021 use of '#undef' is discouraged: 'String'
9022 unparenthesized macro parameter in definition of macro 'String'
9023 Multiple use of '#/##' operators in definition of macro 'String'
9024 '#/##' operator used in macro 'String'
9025 More than two pointer indirection levels used for type 'Type'
9026 Function-like macro, 'String', defined
9027 Unpermitted operand to operator 'String'
9028 Unpermitted arithmetic involving an essentially character type
9029 Mismatched essential type categories for binary operator
9030 Impermissible cast
9031 Composite expression assigned to a wider essential type
9032 Composite expression with smaller essential type than other operand
9033 Impermissible cast of composite expression Reason
9034 Expression assigned to a narrower or different essential type
9035 Variable length array declared
9036 Conditional expression should have essentially Boolean type
9037 Conditional of #if does not evaluate to 0 or 1
9038 Flexible array member declared
9039 Prohibited escape sequence usage
9041 goto 'Symbol' appears in block 'String' which is not nested in block 'String' which contains the label.
9042 departure from MISRA switch syntax
9043 static keyword between brackets of array declaration
9044 function parameter modified
9045 non-hidden definition of type 'Type'
9046 Typographical ambiguity with respect to symbol, 'Symbol', Reasons, Location
9047 FILE pointer dereferenced
9048 unsigned integer literal without a 'U' suffix
9049 increment/decrement operation combined with other operation with side-effects
9050 dependence placed on C/C++ operator precedence
9051 macro 'Symbol' defined with the same name as a C keyword
9052 macro 'Symbol' defined with the same name as a C++ keyword
9053 the shift value is at least the precision of the essential type of the left hand side
9054 designated initalizer used with array of unspecified dimension
9055 Most closely enclosing compound statement of a case/default is not the body of a switch
9056 Inline function 'Symbol' defined with storage-class specifier 'String'
9057 Lowercase L follows 'u' in literal suffix
9058 tag 'Symbol' (Location) unused outside of typedefs
9059 C comment contains C++ comment
9060 trigraph in comment
9063 no comment or action in else-branch
9064 goto references earlier label
9066 C++ comment contains C comment
9067 array declared without explicit dimension
9068 partial array initialization
9069 in initializer for symbol 'Symbol', initializer of type 'Type' needs braces or designator
9070 recursive function 'Symbol', location Location
9071 defined macro 'Name' is reserved to the compiler String
9072 parameter list differs from prior declaration for function 'Symbol'
9074 conversion between a pointer to function and another type
9075 external symbol 'Symbol' defined without a prior declaration
9076 conversion between a pointer to incomplete type and another type
9077 missing unconditional break from final switch case
9078 conversion between a pointer and integer type
9079 conversion from pointer to void to pointer to other type
9080 integer null pointer constant used
9081 too few independent cases for switch
9082 switch statement should either begin or end with default label
9083 undefined macro 'String' matches an identifier reserved to the compiler
9084 result of assignment operator used in larger expression
9085 statement or comment should appear in default case
9086 include directives should have single arguments
9087 cast performed between a pointer to object type and a pointer to a different object type
9088 named signed single-bit bit-field
9089 potential side-effect in argument to sizeof
9090 unconditional break missing from switch case
9091 casting from pointer type to integer type
9102 possible digraph, 'String'
9103 identifier with static storage is reused. See 'Symbol' at Location
9104 octal escape sequence used
9105 unsigned octal and hexadecimal literals require a 'U' suffix
9106 lower case literal suffix, 'String'
9107 header cannot be included in more than one translation unit because of the definition of symbol 'Symbol'
9108 function 'Symbol' not declared at file scope
9109 type 'Symbol' previously declared at location 'Location'
9110 bit representation of a floating point type used
9111 boolean expression used with non-permitted operator 'String'
9112 plain char used with prohibited operator 'String'
9113 dependence placed on C/C++ operator precedence
9114 implicit conversion of integer cvalue expression
9115 implicit conversion from integer to floating point type
9116 implicit conversion of floating point cvalue expression
9117 implicit conversion changes signedness
9118 implicit conversion from floating point to integer type
9119 implicit conversion of integer to smaller type
9120 implicit conversion of floating point to smaller type
9121 cast of cvalue expression from integer to floating point type
9122 cast of cvalue expression from floating point to integer type
9123 cast of integer cvalue expression to larger type
9124 cast of floating point cvalue expression to larger type
9125 cast of cvalue expression changes signedness
9126 operators '~' and '<<' require recasting to underlying type for sub-integers
9127 disallowed use of non-character value String
9128 plain char mixed with type other than plain char
9129 disallowed use of non-numeric value String
9130 bitwise operator 'String' applied to signed underlying type
9131 non-postfix expression used with logical operator
9132 array type passed to function expecting a pointer
9133 boolean expression required for operator 'String'
9134 prohibited operator 'String' applied to unsigned underlying type
9135 unary operator & overloaded
9136 out of bounds value for right hand side of shift operator
9137 floating point test for equality or inequality
9138 null statement not in line by itself
9139 case label follows default in switch statement
9140 continue statement detected
9141 global declaration of symbol 'Symbol'
9142 non-global function, main, declared
9144 using-directive used
9145 using-directive/declaration in header file
9146 multiple declarators in a declaration
9147 function identifier 'Symbol' used without '&' or parenthesized parameter list
9148 '=' should initialize either all enum members or only the first for enumerator 'Symbol'
9149 bit field must be explicitly signed integer, unsigned integer, or bool
9150 non-private data member 'Symbol' within a non-POD structure
9151 public copy assignment operator in abstract class
9152 explicit specialization of overloaded function templates 'String' and 'String'
9153 viable set contains both function 'Symbol' and template 'Symbol'
9154 pointer expression thrown
9156 empty throw outside of a catch block
9158 '#define' used within a block for macro 'Name'
9159 '#undef' used within a block for macro 'Name'
9160 all preprocessing directives must be valid
9162 use of 'String' at global scope
9163 increment/decrement operator combined with another operator
9165 function 'Symbol' defined with a variable number of arguments
9166 function parameter list differs from prior declaration/overloaded function