User-Contributed Editor Interfaces

Cleanscape provides an external program, seteditor, which allows users of the Cleanscape GUI for Fortran-lint, Lint-Plus, and C++lint products to add their own editor integration. Details of this integration may be found in your Cleanscape GUI Users Guide provided with each product.

This page contains a “master” list of user-contributed editor interfaces. To use them, copy the line(s) associated with the editor(s) you wish to interface to and paste into your
myeditor.lst file in your “main” subdirectory (Windows) or your $HOME directory (Unix/Linux). The next time you start the Cleanscape GUI, you will see the added editor(s) in the dropdown!

# These interfaces courtesy of Stefan Göttlinger, Zollner Elektronik
Notepad2___\notepad2.exe___C:\Program Files\Notepad2___X___/g LINENO PATH
Notepad++___\notepad++.exe___C:\Program Files\Notepad++___X___-nLINENO PATH

# This interface courtesy of Paul Mullin, A.O. Smith Electrical Products
EditPadPro___\editpadpro.exe___C:\Program Files\JGsoft\EditPadPro6___X___/lLINENO PATH